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iHelpz: Youth Empowerment Project

Since 2013, iHelpz has been dedicated to making a positive ...

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[HRO TODAY] The Talent Report: Recalibrating Recruitment

This story was originally published by HRO Today. Read on ...

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iHelpz Spotlight: Joe W. Brown Memorial Park

Since iSeatz' founding, the city of New Orleans has faced ...

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[] Interview with Jasmyn Farris, CPO, iSeatz

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iHelpz Spotlight: Sankofa Wetland Park & Nature Trail

Our entire team recently convened in New Orleans for ...

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It is time for Carnival!

Traditionally held between Christmas and Easter, Mardi Gras ...

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How We Work: Basics of Scrum Methodology

At iSeatz, we utilize an agile Scrum organization to work ...

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iHelpz at The Green Project

Each year, iSeatz takes a day to volunteer and give back to ...

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