It is time for Carnival!

Traditionally held between Christmas and Easter, Mardi Gras season in New Orleans is in full swing. Being based in the Big Easy, our team loves the Carnival season. Below are some of our favorite things about Mardi Gras in New Orleans.

King Cake

This sugary treat is a cross between a cinnamon coffee cake and a French pastry. Each cake is shaped into an oval with a plastic baby placed inside. Tradition holds that whoever finds the baby has to bring the next king cake. Since the carnival season began on January 6th, the iSeatz office has eaten a lot of king cakes, consuming on average two king cakes a day. If you follow iSeatz on Facebook, you can see the delicious and decadent assortment!


Parades run throughout the Carnival season. Spectators try to catch glittering trinkets that are thrown from colorful floats and enjoy world-class marching bands. Many iSeatz employees are not just spectators, but participate in Mardi Gras. From traditional parades to walking krewes and brass bands, our employees add to the festivities with many of them participating in krewes and bands.


“I march with the Browncoat Brass Band. I really enjoy seeing everyone smiling as we march by. It's really rewarding to be able to bring that kind of joy to someone's day.” - Andrea Peterson, Business Analyst


“I like hanging out on the parade route with my group of friends. We all get together, hang out around our ice chest, listen to music and try to catch as many throws as possible!" - Jason Carpentier, Manager of Software Development



People Watching

Costume culture is a major part of Mardi Gras festivities. Thousands of people line the parade routes hoping to catch as many beads and trinkets as possible. Many parades feature highly coveted custom-creations, such as personally decorated shoes, purses and sunglasses. Parade-goers will try to stand out from the crowd for their chance at receiving these specialty items. Many people will dress in elaborate home-made costumes on Mardi Gras day, or wear festive purple, green and gold attire throughout the season.


“I love how it takes over the whole city, we're all one and excited about the same thing. It's like being at a Saints game, all rooting for the same cause, and getting super pumped!” - Corey Seifert, Developer


“I love riding bikes to the parades. Always makes for a fun leisurely ride to, from and along the parade route”. - Scott Ray, Digital Experience Designer




Mardi Gras is an official holiday in New Orleans, and a lot of locals use it as a way to connect with each other. Many people get together with friends and family to view the parades or other festivities.


“My favorite part of Mardi Gras is spending time with family and friends & making memories. All the traditions we put in place so many years ago that we get to look forward to every year never stops being exciting and fun. Waiting around for a parade, laughing and making jokes - then, once the parade comes and as each float passes - huddling up to see what everyone caught.” - Marcie Coate, Project Manager


“My favorite part of Mardi Gras is watching the parades with friends, enjoying their company and interacting with friendly neighbors (whether they are strangers or actual neighbors).” - Caroline Aubry, Business Analyst