[Press Release] iSeatz Introduces  OneView

NEW ORLEANS- September 20, 2018 - iSeatz introduces the industry’s first global Ancillary Management System (AMS)*. OneView AMS is an enterprise software solution that will revolutionize the management of ancillary revenue strategies for hotels, airlines, and financial institutions.

Before the OneView Ancillary Management System™, first-party and third-party ancillaries were subject to disparate systems that led to increased operating costs, fragment views, leaving hoteliers challenged to deliver and report on revenue objectives. OneView AMS unites both on-property offerings and third-party ancillaries - such as tours & activities, live events, car rental, ground transportation, restaurant reservations, and food delivery - personalized into a single customer booking experience.


A platform diagram showing both 3rd and 1st party activities can be integrated. OneView AMS brings together internal ancillary services with third-party offerings and integrates into the hotel’s Central Reservation System (CRS), Customer Relationship Management software (CRM), Marketing tools and loyalty programs.


This allows the manager to view the entire ancillary portfolio in a single viewport, optimizes  personalization, and enhances merchandising control and speed. OneView AMS integrates into the hotel loyalty programs, creating the opportunity to offer third-party ancillaries with point earn and burn while providing the ability to forecast bookings through advanced analytics.  

“We’ve heard from a lot of hotels that there is a huge opportunity for ancillary revenue, but they are frustrated that there is no single product that brings everything together.” said Kenneth Purcell, CEO of iSeatz. “Having a consolidated viewport into their ancillary strategy that integrates into their existing hotel infrastructure and customer loyalty programs will streamline the management process, and ultimately, enable hotels to better serve their guests’ needs through expanded service offerings.”


Diagram showing the iSeatz platform integrates with existing client tech stack, including CRS and CRM tools. OneView AMS connects to the hotel’s central reservation system (CRS) and customer relationship management tool (CRM).


OneView AMS is available in two versions. OneView Essential allows the customer to take advantage of iSeatz’ 19 years of booking solution expertise by configuring the solution with pre-populated ancillary supply, business rules, and booking flows. OneView Enterprise allows for a highly customized solution that allows the client to modify the user experience UI/UX, ancillary supply, personalized business rules and workflows, and tailored confirmation emails.


For more information, or to request a demo, please visit www.AncillaryManagementSystem.com


*U.S. Patent Pending


About iSeatz:

Founded in 1999 and based in New Orleans, iSeatz is a leading travel commerce and ancillary merchandising technology company for travel, financial services and entertainment brands. Focused on customization and backed by proven deliverability, reliable advanced analytics and travel lifecycle expertise, iSeatz sets the bar for a superb travel journey from the very first search.  The award-winning iSeatz OneView platform meets brands’ exact requirements for delivering a highly personalized and engaging commerce experience that drives conversions, customer satisfaction and advocacy. iSeatz custom digital experiences allow prospective travelers to search, discover and book a spectrum of travel-related products. iSeatz travel technology solutions connect people to unique travel journeys, generating over $2.5 billion in annual sales for our partners each year from more than three million annual bookings. The iSeatz partner portfolio includes brands such as American Express, Air Canada, Amtrak, Expedia, and IHG. Learn more at iSeatz.com.