iSeatz 2023: Insights in People and Culture, Tech, and Loyalty

As we bid farewell to 2023, we want to take a moment to reflect on a year packed with company successes, revelatory research, and invaluable insights. Here are our top ten articles from the year across some of our favorite topics: People and Culture, Technology, and Loyalty.

People and Culture

1. Inc. Magazine Names iSeatz to its Annual List of Best Workplaces for 2023

iSeatz was named one of the Best Workplaces by Inc. Magazine, recognized for its exceptional culture and commitment to employee satisfaction. We were also named a top workplace in the Southeast region. Our focus on fostering a collaborative work environment, organizational development, and community involvement has contributed to this national recognition. 

2. iHelpz: Youth Empowerment Project

With core values of thoughtfulness, impact, and innovation, iHelpz mission is to help assist marginalized communities within NewOrleans. Our most recent collaboration with HandsOn New Orleans and the Youth Empowerment Project showcases our commitment, with our team contributing over 750 service hours and an $80,458 financial impact to support underprivileged youth, underscoring the company's dedication to community impact.

3. Employer Recognition Awards - More Than Just a Trophy

Most regional and national employer recognition programs are driven by employee feedback. In this article, we dove into the  significance of these employee surveys in earning these accolades, and how we use the feedback to identify strengths and areas for improvement at iSeatz. We discuss some of the impactful initiatives we've launched as a result, such as culture roundtables, expanded benefits, and the creation of a Culture Manifesto, highlighting the vital role employee feedback has in shaping our organizational success.


4. How to Become a Human Firewall

Cybersecurity took center stage with our guide on becoming a 'Human Firewall.' As technology evolves, so do cyber threats. We provided practical insights and strategies for employees to become the first line of defense against cyberattacks, emphasizing the crucial role individuals play in maintaining the integrity and security of organizational data.

5. Why Considering Accessibility is a Smart Business Decision for All

Inclusivity and accessibility were at the heart of this Tech-focused article. Exploring the business advantages of embracing accessibility, we delved into the positive impact on user experience, brand reputation, and the overall bottom line. This piece underscored the symbiotic relationship between technology and social responsibility.

6. Squeaky Wheels vs. Canaries in a Coal Mine: How to Sift Through to the Noise and Action User Feedback

In the pursuit of an exceptional user experience, it is important to know how to sift through extensive user feedback and find actionable insights. Rather than dismissing outlier feedback, we suggest listening empathetically, connecting feedback to broader themes, and involving diverse team members, arguing that users are not mere data points, but individuals with unique perspectives that contribute to the human aspect of user experience.


7. State of Loyalty 2023: Credit Cards Rewards Report

Our annual comprehensive analysis of credit card rewards returned this year. Unveiling the latest trends, insights, and strategies, this report became a go-to resource for businesses navigating the intricate landscape of credit card loyalty programs.

8. Tipping Point for Loyalty in 2023 Survey Report

Surveying the evolving dynamics of customer loyalty, this article outlined the pivotal moments that marked a 'Tipping Point for Loyalty' in 2023. Digging deeper into consumer preferences and behaviors, the survey report serves as a strategic guide for businesses looking to fine-tune their loyalty programs and offerings.

9. Tipping Point for Loyalty: 2024 Travel Trends

In our most recent research report, we're examining the trends shaping loyalty in the travel industry for 2024. From personalized experiences to sustainable travel initiatives, this report is a roadmap for businesses to stay ahead of the curve and capture the loyalty of the modern traveler.

10. State of Loyalty 2023: Hospitality Rewards Report

Our annual 'State of Loyalty: Hospitality Rewards Report' dissects the loyalty landscape in hospitality. It includes a detailed analysis of rewards programs, customer expectations, and emerging trends, and gives insights into how brands can optimize their loyalty strategies for sustained success.

We are passionate about loyalty and the innovations driving our industry forward. We hope you have found our content this year to be informative and insightful. We have lots in store for 2024, so stay tuned for another year of research and expertise. And sign up for our newsletter to get that content delivered straight to your inbox!


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