iSeatz is One of CityBusiness's 2018 Best Places to Work

At iSeatz, we strive to create a fun, engaging workplace environment for our employees Our best-in-class benefits along with our company culture makes us one of the best places to work in New Orleans. It's not just us who think so, we've been named to CityBusiness's Best Places to Work list seven out of the last eight years. 

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Standard Best-in-Class Benefits 


Our most important asset is our people, so it only makes sense that our people are also our biggest investment. We source up-to-date, third party market data to ensure that our base salaries are fair and competitive.

Performance Management

We know that we have an engaged workforce who wants to know how they are performing. We communicate our company goals on a quarterly basis and each employee has a set of individual goals that tie back to the company goals. Employees receive quarterly performance feedback, coaching and kudos for a job well done.

Quarterly Incentive Pay

We believe in rewarding and recognizing strong performance. Our incentive pay program is directly tied to the quarterly goals. All full-time employees are eligible to receive quarterly incentive pay (in addition to their base salary) which is determined by their individual performance toward their quarterly goals.

Professional Development

iSeatz hires ambitious, talented people who want to grow in their careers. We support this by designing individual growth plans and by covering the cost of continuing education and certifications. We also have clear growth tracks for every department so employees can see where they are and where they can go.


We help take care of our people by contributing 95% toward the cost of their medical and dental plans and by covering 100% of the premium for a term life insurance policy for all full-time employees. We also a full suite of ancillary benefits including vision, short and long term disability and additional life insurance.

Saving for Retirement

It's important to us that our employees are able to save for their retirement. Our employees are encouraged to participate in our 401K matching program which is a 50% match for every dollar up to 6% of the employee's salary, every year.

Work-Life Balance

We know that it's important for our employees to be able to spend time with their families and friends. We offer our employees 33 paid days off per year which includes 15 days of paid vacation, 11 company holidays, 6 paid sick days plus their birthday! Additionally, employees have the ability to request to work remotely, which gives them the ability to extend a vacation or simply work from home.

The iSeatz Difference

Our Office

One is only as productive as their work space allows. We have a recently expanded, state-of-the-art, open floor plan work space in the heart of downtown New Orleans surrounded by great restaurants and coffee shops. Our fully equipped kitchen and relaxing living room with large-screen TV are two of our employees' favorite spots to take a break during the work day. Employees also enjoy office extras including standing desks and double flat screen monitors to help maximize their day in the office.


In New Orleans, we love to eat! We gather regularly for meals whether it's a holiday potluck or our quarterly Food Truck Friday. We also keep the kitchen stocked with plenty of snacks and drinks to keep our team energized and focused.

Staying Active

Since we do enjoy food, it's important that we keep moving. We have a company kickball team that plays weekly during the summer and a "Steppers Club" that challenges one another on the number of steps they take each month. We also provide complimentary cruiser bikes for employees to use during the work day to grab lunch or just take a spin around the block to burn some calories.


A healthy employee is a happy employee. We recently launched a Wellness program with the help of our robust medical plan which provides monetary incentives for employees that keep up with their health check ups and doctor visits. iSeatz provide annual on-site bio-metric health screenings, on-site stress reduction training and daily/complimentary whole fruit. We also maintain living plant walls and dozens of live, potted plants around the office which have been proven to benefit brain/hear activity and muscle tension.

Our Dogs

We are a company of dog lovers. At iSeatz, we love them so much that we allow our employees to bring them to work everyday. We have a group of furry visitors that make coming to the office that much more fun.

Social Calendar

We believe that bringing people together to celebrate and socialize is a great way to keep our community strong and close. We host more than 35 events every year including a summer crawfish boil, decompression day which is a 1/2 work day spent bowling/eating/drinking, a holiday party and an annual hack-a-thon.

Community Service

Our external community is just as strong as our internal one. Twice a year, we give a full day of service to a local organization that is working toward keeping New Orleans healthy and strong. We've renovated schools and day care centers as well as supported environmentally focused organizations.

Our Partners

We are excited and honored to be able to represent strong tech talent in New Orleans to our global partners which include American Express, Expedia and InterContinental Hotels Group.

 Our Technology

Our team strives to stay abreast of the most savvy and cutting edge technologies in the market. We have a team of creative and scientific minds who work together to bring new solutions to our partners as well as to iSeatz.

Help Them Check Off Their Bucket List
Our travel and lifestyle portfolio has everything from first-class flights to fitness classes, including over 400,000 tours and activities.