The 2022 State of Loyalty Credit Card Rewards Report

iSeatz is pleased to announce the release of our first State of Loyalty: Credit Card Rewards Report. Our State of Loyalty Report series examines the loyalty-integrated product portfolios and engagement strategies of leading travel reward programs. Our first two reports covered major hospitality chains, and we're thrilled to be expanding the series to the financial services industry.

The Credit Card Rewards Report highlights the points-integrated rewards programs of more than 25 major credit card-issuing banks. A state-of-the-industry benchmarking tool for financial institutions and industry experts, the report will will help you learn about the point redemption opportunities offered by major banks and emerging trends to watch out for.

This year’s report includes:

  • Comparison of travel and lifestyle products available for point redemption from 27 major, credit card-issuing banks
  • Emerging trends for 2021 and beyond

So what are you waiting for? Click the link below to download your free copy now!

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