New Hires and Promotions January - March 2018

We recently added new members to our team in the New Orleans office. If you would like to join our ever growing team of talented New Orleans technology professionals, please visit our working at iSeatz page to see current openings.

Recently Promoted: Congratulations!


Cheralyn King was promoted to Director of Project Management. Over the past 5 years, Cheralyn has played a critical role in the development of the Project Management Office as well as the overall growth we have experienced at iSeatz. With Cheralyn's continued dedication to excellence, we are certain to continue to see incredible achievements from her department.  


Denise Givens was promoted to Director of Quality Assurance. During the past 6 years, Denise has built a Quality Assurance team that has allowed for the continuous growth of both our client partnerships and iSeatz.  Denise's focused leadership has enabled the Quality Assurance team to achieve the aggressive timelines required to help accomplish our company's goals.


Cary Williams was promoted to Information Security Manager. He will lead iSeatz’s PCI compliance process, and will help making sure we are following security best practices.


New Hires: Welcome!


Kiran Reddy joined the team as a Jr. DevOps Engineer. Kiran has a masters degree in Computer Science from the University of New Orleans.
“I like working in an environment which is friendly and cool. I am passionate about my work and like troubleshooting until I find a solution.”


Michael Caballero is iSeatz’s new Controller and Director of Finance. Prior to joining the iSeatz team, Michael was a senior accountant at Denka Performance Elastomers.
“While most people find accounting boring (I think), I find it interesting in that we are able to analyze data and make better business decisions based off accurate financial information.”


Julie Mattimoe brings her experience to team as the new Digital Experience Manager. Julie is an experienced digital specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the retail and eCommerce industries.
“There is a learning and discovery aspect ot my job that i have always enjoyed. There is always a new system or a new program and getting the time to learn and explore is fun. I have been lucky to work with talented people and I appreciate the lessons and insights that I have gained.”


Rebecca Jostes is joining the commercial team as Marketing Manager. She most recently spent four years as marketing manager at the New Orleans Convention and Visitors Bureau
“I really like spreading the word when people do great work. I also like working in a creative environment that is always changing.”


Sumit Dhar joins the team as the Director of Business Intelligence. Sumit will lead the Business Intelligence team and is responsible for designing and performing analysis of various data aspects to assist departments and partners in shaping business strategies and initiatives.
“I like working with colleagues, leveraging each others’ strengths, and building creative solutions.”


Rachel Ergas is iSeatz’s newest People and Culture Coordinator. Rachel joins iSeatz after spending 9 years as a program manager and administrative supervisor in the United States Navy.
“It’s most rewarding when I’m able to solve complex and critical problems with a team.”


Cody Betts recently joined the Cloud Operations team as a DevOps Engineer. Prior to joining the iSeatz team, Cody was a software developer at Autobrain. Additionally, he earned a bachelor's degree in computer science from the University of New Orleans.
“I like seeing great ideas come to life! .. and then diagnosing the errors.”


Coco Ellis joins the team as the newest Project Manager. As part of our project management team, Coco will be responsible for all aspects of the development and implementation of assigned projects
“I enjoy helping others through problem solving. I love a good challenge because it’s so rewarding to work hard at something and see it come to fruition. The most  rewarding part of the problem solving process is knowing you’ve made a positive change in someone else’s work life.”


Shweta Dube recently joined iSeatz as a Quality Assurance Analyst. Shweta has a Masters in Computer Engineering and 3 years of software testing experience in Agile methodology with AT&T, Inc.
“I enjoy looking at the product from different perspectives and expectations. I love the fact that this field is evolving each day and I get to learn as well as implement new things.”