Meet OneView, Ancillary Management system

OneView Ancillary Management System (AMS) is the first Ancillary Management System. This patent-pending software, developed by iSeatz, will revolutionize ancillary strategies for the hotel and airline industries.

Hotel Struggle

Many hotel brands have started to offer ancillaries to their customers. However the management of these ancillaries are through disparate, legacy systems. This old technology leads to a siloed customer journey, creating consumer frustration and management inefficiencies.

Meet OneView AMS

OneView AMS brings together both first-party ancillary services and third-party ancillary products into a single view. This allows hotels to see how their entire ancillary portfolio is performing, in a single, consolidated viewport. This visibility allows you to make revenue projections, or determine promotions.

OneView can integrate into your hotel's existing consumer webpage or iSeatz can build a new, unified landing page for your website to offer all ancillaries in a single location, leading to a better user experience.

OneView AMS integrates into your PMS, CRM and loyalty programs so that your guests can earn and redeem points for whatever you offer through the system. Additionally you can see their entire itinerary all on a master booking record. This opens the door to cross-sell/ upsell opportunities.  

Robust Supply

iSeatz has working relationships and connections with suppliers to offer hotels companies car rental, ground transportation, tours & activities, live event ticketing, restaurant reservations, and more to their guests.

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