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iSeatz + Tourism Cares

While iSeatz was founded in 1999 to drive as an idea-driven company, over the last 19 years we have grown to deliver the most powerful cloud based digital travel search and booking engine in the industry today.  While our teams are driven to create value for our customers, it is not just for ourselves but for the community at large. Knowing that our work will benefit people every single day is a motivating force for us all.

On September 19, 2018, Michael Bauer, COO, and Sean Duclaux, VP of Product Management and Marketing, are supporting the 15th Anniversary of Tourism Cares foundation, a 501(c)3 nonprofit, unites the travel and tourism industry to benefit the people and places our industry depends on.

New Orleans would not be the gem that it is without the people that make it up: there is no city in the world like New Orleans. Influences from Europe, the Caribbean, Latin America, Africa and indigenous peoples live through the area’s music, food, language, and on and on. Taking care of the communities who make up this resilient city is the focus of Tourism Cares for New Orleans and iSeatz.

To learn more about Tourism Cares for New Orleans, please visit

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