How Timeshare & Short-Term Rentals can get into the Ancillaries

Airlines are no-doubt the kings of ancillary revenue, and now hotel brands are starting to offer more third-party ancillaries to their guests. Timeshare and short-term rental companies can easily capitalize on increased revenue, guest satisfaction and loyalty by offering strategic partnerships to their guests, owners, and timeshare

Consumers who participate in timeshares, or occupy short-term rentals are looking for a truly immersive experience to live like a local during their stay, along with greater flexibility in lodging than found in a traditional hotel. By offering
ancillaries, short-term rental and timeshare companies take steps to become a
full-service travel brand, instead of stopping only at servicing lodging needs.

Additionally, timeshare companies can use these travel options are ways to incentivize potential buyers to engage with their sales teams. Here are the top five easy revenue-increasing strategic partnership ideas to complete the guest’s experience.

5. Tours & Activities

Whether the property is in the city center or amid natural surroundings, there are tours and activities that are well-suited to offer your guests. At iSeatz, we have a strategic partnership to offer Viator inventory through our OneView platform.

Beach-front condos can offer surfing lessons or a catamaran sailing cruise; while urban townhouses have the ability to offer culinary walking tours or tickets to local museums tailor-made to the guest’s interests.

Timeshare companies can include tour and activity tickets as exclusive offers for their owners or include them as premiums for individuals who agreed to engage with the sales team.

4. Car Rentals and Ride-sharing

Every trip is unique and so are the transportation needs of the travelers. Offering car rentals through a seamless booking experience, can reduce friction for the traveler. The guest no longer needs to bounce to almost 40 sites before making a decision to book.

An integration with a ride-sharing service also allows a lodging brand to offer choices to their guests and owners, while being an integral part of the entire travel journey.

3. Grocery Delivery

One of the many benefits of opting for timeshares or short-term rentals is the access to a personal kitchen. Many travelers, especially large groups or families see this as a major differentiator when traveling.

At iSeatz, we see a huge opportunity for timeshare and short-term rental companies to partner with a grocery delivery company. Nothing anticipates the guests’ needs better than removing the stress of going to the grocery store after traveling all day. Guests can drop their bags, enjoy a fully-stocked fridge of items they personally requested, and dive right into their trip.

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2. Live Events

In a recent survey done by iSeatz and Phocuswright, 53% of consumers purchase tickets to a live event either before or at the same time as booking accommodations. Live events spark travel and many-times large sporting events or concerts sell out hotels in the area, making consumers more likely to stay at alternative lodging.

By offering live event ticketing to your consumers, timeshare or short-term rental companies can spark travel decisions. This is a great opportunity for marketing departments to re-engage formerly loyal guests, or timeshare prospects.

1. Food Delivery

Many condo and apartment rentals do not have a direct connection to a restaurant, and do not have the amenity of room service. One way to better service the needs of the traveler without creating a massive network of F&B professionals is to partner with a food delivery company.

iSeatz has strategic relationships with food delivery companies to allow hotel guests to order prepared food wherever they are, earn or use loyalty points, and have the food delivered directly to the traveler’s hotel room door. Timeshare and short-term rental companies can take advantage of this opportunity to serve the consumer’s need through emerging technology.  

iSeatz is a leader in ancillary technology with 20 years of experience building custom booking solutions for some of the largest names in travel and financial services. The OneView platform brings together air, hotel, car rental, ground transportation, tours & activities, live event ticketing,  food delivery, grocery delivery, and restaurant reservations supply into a single platform. Travel and financial services companies can increase their revenue and brand loyalty by offering this inventory through their loyalty programs.

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