Loyalty Integrated Gift Cards

Give your members instant gratification with eGift Cards - the quickest path to point redemption.

Drive Loyalty

modernize your loyalty offerings
Not all gift card products are created equal

A Future-Proof Solution

Create an integrated shopping experience - personalized and connected to your customers

  • Everyday Engagement 80% of members look for opportunities to redeem points for rewards at values well below the $100 mark.
  • Convenience & Value eGift Cards provide purchasing versatility and low level of effort for consumers. Younger shoppers prefer digital rewards over plastic by 150%.
  • A Rapidly Growing Industry eGift Cards are growing at 18% CAGR 2020-2024, while point redemption for physical cards is declining (-3% YOY 2018).

Easy to Implement.
Easy to Use.

250 Retailers

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Easy Integration

Branded Experience

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Trust the experts in high-value integrations

Our platform supports over $9.1 billion in transactions annually.

At iSeatz we specialize in taking the best lifestyle products on the market, and seamlessly integrating them into your brand. Our Design & User Experience team uses data to bring your rewards program to life!

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