Your Credit Cards Rewards Program: Travel Loyalty Checklist

Many financial services brands have great expectations for their credit card loyalty programs, but they’re not reaping all the business rewards those programs promise.   

In today's competitive landscape, simply having a credit card rewards program will not guarantee the desired increase in cardholder acquisition and retention. With 90% of companies boasting some form of loyalty program, standing out is crucial. Without a rewards structure that distinguishes itself and delivers a uniquely compelling value, consumers have little incentive to choose your card over competitors or for existing cardholders to remain loyal.  

In this environment, winning the cardholder loyalty battle requires out-of-the-box thinking and meeting members’ desires and their own loyalty program goals. So, what does it take to inspire their loyalty in 2024 and beyond?  

Our new checklist for banking and credit card rewards programs draws from the successes and failures of travel loyalty programs worldwide to uncover strategies for acquiring new cardholders and pushing your card to top-of-wallet status. 

Learn Why Some Rewards Programs Stand Out (And Why Some Don’t) 

The value of loyalty cannot be understated. Cardholders are willing to make your financial services brand their number-one go-to option for travel rewards, but they’ll need help to do it. On average, Americans are members of 16.6 loyalty programs each, yet actively use just half of them. 

The journey doesn’t stop when a cardholder says “Yes” to joining your credit card rewards program.  

Experience matters—84% of consumers say experience-related issues are the most frustrating part of claiming travel rewards through their loyalty programs. This means credit card reward programs that can deliver a better experience have an opportunity to differentiate themselves.   

Turn your cardholders into engaged brand advocates by unleashing the power of a new approach to loyalty. Our checklist distills the latest research into what program members want from their loyalty experiences into actionable steps you can take to improve your company’s loyalty strategy. 

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Turn Loyalty into Profit with Travel Rewards in 2024 

Value is the driving force behind many successful loyalty programs. But it’s a myth that value is exclusively about bargain inventory or top-line discounts. Value reflects the entire loyalty experience, from signing up to earning to redeeming rewards.  

Today’s cardholders expect better, yet many programs rely on the same loyalty tactics they’ve deployed for years. Nearly 45% of consumers think earning rewards takes too long, and 31% believe earning rewards is too difficult. The inevitable result is cardholders walking away.   

Wouldn’t you like to know what motivates cardholders to engage with travel rewards programs and apply that knowledge to your credit card rewards program?  

Our checklist utilizes the latest data from original research to reveal which initiatives can transform loyalty program membership into tangible business results. Did you know that increasing retention by 5% could deliver profit increases of up to 95%? The value you provide through your credit card rewards program could net you that extra 5%. 
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Swim Against the Disloyalty Tide in Travel 

What happened to loyalty in the travel sector? No airline, car rental, cruise line, or hotel loyalty program boasts a membership satisfaction rate above 50%. As a result, travel brands are watching their loyalty program members shop around, compare deals, and ultimately book (and spend) elsewhere.   

Don’t get swept downstream by this tide. Fight back against the current by learning what motivates cardholders to join travel loyalty programs, why they are booking with competitors, and what you can do to deliver the premium, five-star experience they expect within yours. 

Our checklist shows how banking and credit card rewards programs like yours can: 

  • Offer the rewards today’s cardholders genuinely want and appreciate from travel loyalty programs. 
  • Understand what adaptability and flexibility for cardholder retention and attraction look like. 
  • Know what your cardholders want before they tell you. 
  • Learn how to elevate the travel loyalty program experience beyond your competitors. 
  • Master the technical ins and outs of making your rewards program a success. 

If you believe next-generation loyalty requires a new approach, this banking and credit card rewards program checklist, Seven Habits of Highly Effective Loyalty Programs, is for you.

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