Embracing Communication & Transparency at iSeatz

At iSeatz, we believe that a thriving workplace is built on effective communication and dedication to transparency. Our commitment to these principles shapes our culture and fosters our core values.

The Essence of Communication at iSeatz

Communication at iSeatz is more than just exchanging information; it’s about supporting an environment where ideas flow freely, feedback is encouraged, and everyone feels heard. We have established forums like town hall meetings, team round-ups, and a long-standing cadence for sharing regular business updates.

However, communication at iSeatz is not a one-way street. We emphasize bi-directional communication, encouraging employees to voice their recommendations, concerns, and questions. Constructive feedback is crucial, and we provide safe spaces for employees to share their thoughts without fear of retribution. Whether through anonymous surveys or direct dialogues with managers, all feedback is valued.

The Power of Transparency

Transparency at iSeatz means being open and honest. It is the cornerstone of building trust and fostering a culture where employees feel confident and secure. While not every decision-making process is public, we communicate clearly and proactively about decisions that impact our employees.

Our commitment to transparency ensures that information is shared promptly and accurately, allowing employees to understand the rationale behind decisions. This openness builds trust and empowers employees to feel more connected to the company’s goals and objectives.

Real-Time Feedback and Speedy Resolutions

A key aspect of our strategy is real-time feedback. Addressing issues as they arise leads to quicker resolutions and a more dynamic workplace. While anonymous surveys have their place, we encourage direct feedback to expedite problem-solving.

We have established various channels for feedback, including direct conversations with managers, feedback sessions, and a dedicated feedback method via Lattice. Our leadership is committed to listening and responding to feedback promptly, ensuring employees feel their voices are heard and their concerns addressed.

Creating a Safe Feedback Environment

Ensuring employees feel safe to provide feedback is paramount. At iSeatz, we have created an environment where constructive feedback is welcomed and valued. We understand that feedback, especially criticism, can be difficult to give and receive. Therefore, we have measures to ensure all feedback is handled with respect and confidentiality.

Managers are trained to receive feedback without prejudice and respond in a manner that promotes positive change. We also protect employees from retaliation, ensuring the feedback process is safe and effective.


At iSeatz, communication and transparency are integral parts of our culture. Creating an environment where information flows freely and feedback is valued, we establish a collaborative, innovative, and dynamic workplace. Our commitment to these principles ensures we remain connected, informed, and ready to meet tomorrow’s challenges together.

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