1:1 Personalization - are we there yet? (Phocuswright 2019)

Did you miss Phocuswright 2019 in Hollywood Florida?

Watch the full panel on personalization here. 

Better technology, not least of all AI, is unlocking the power of data to tailor and target like never before. Providers are growing more confident in their ability to match travelers with the right offers, to surprise and delight in-trip, and to create deeper satisfaction. How far are we from a frictionless end-to-end journey that meets all of the traveler’s unique needs? To what extent do travelers want this, and how should travel providers be considering the need for privacy and security in the equation?

Norm Rose Senior Technology and Corporate Market Analyst, Phocuswright Inc. 

Jeffrey Glueck CEO, Foursquare

Kenneth Purcell Founder/CEO, iSeatz Inc.

Edward Silver Chief Technology Office, Corporate Brands, Flight Centre Travel Group Limited

Simon Whitcombe Vice President, North America, Global Marketing Solutions, Facebook Inc.

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