Unlocking Loyalty: Travel Rewards for Membership Organizations

Expanding your loyalty offerings to meet member expectations  

Membership organizations – including clubs, trade associations, subscription programs, and any other private group limited to the individuals that belong to it – occupy a singular space in the American consumer experience. But how do members of these groups differ from typical consumers? How do these organizations approach their goals and priorities? And why do members engage differently with these groups than commercial loyalty programs?

These are some of the questions that our latest survey report, The Benefits of Belonging: An Analysis of Membership-Based Organizations, Their Constituents, and Their Loyalty Strategies, aims to answer. 

  • Member acquisition is the number one goal of all the organizations we surveyed (251), highlighting their prioritization of growth and strengthening their member bases.  
  • The availability of travel rewards - and broader awareness of them- can increase engagement among existing members 29% of surveyed members said they rarely book travel through their membership organizations, despite 93% of organizations offering travel booking capabilities. 

 Our new survey report also identifies opportunities for membership organizations to improve their loyalty, rewards, and member retention strategies through better travel loyalty technology, personalization, and adding travel and lifestyle reward options that members want.  

  Download The Benefits of Belonging to learn how your organization can unlock and grow your members’ loyalty.